Have you ever been too high? It’s not a good thing, and that applies to buildings as well as intoxicants. I think the politicians in Los Angeles who are approving the overdevelopment of our fine city are smoking some bad s***, but unfortunately the only green they’re probably high on is money.

I’ve been taking pics of the incongruously high buildings that are sprouting up all over and not only making me feel claustrophobic but destroying the vistas that I’ve enjoyed for decades, having grown up here. We have a lot of sky here in L.A., one of the things I love about it. But it’s being blocked out by these behemoths and I am really POd about it. I’m signing as any petitions as I can find to block further destruction of older buildings and construction of these way-too-high ugly monstrosities.

Here are some examples that are ruining L.A. for me.


The old Spaghetti Factory on Sunset near Bronson was very nicely updated, but then they built that huge “modern” structure on top of it. WTF? why couldn’t they have retained the architectural style of the restaurant and built a mid-height apartment building; that I would have loved.


Selma and Cahuenga. This is a great example of how out of sync (and way too high) this new building is with the rest of the area.


Vine @ Selma. Just one of the buildings being built on this intersection. Completely blocks sightline.


Gower and Sunset. The new building looks pretty cool but what the heck are they dwarfing it all with the huge multi-level structure behind it? If that is a parking lot, I’ll be apoplectic.


This is what I’m used to seeing when I drive west on Sunset…the sky, the palm trees, the distance. Note the oversized building going up on the left. Grrrrrr.


La Brea just south of Hawthorn. You can see the outrageous height difference if you look at the building to the right of this monstrosity.


Close-up look at the structure mentioned in the other picture. Notice how this construction is dwarfing the cool old building on 2 sides.